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Bereavement Form

We are very sorry to hear about your loss.

We understand this is a difficult time, so to make this easier we have created a form so you can notify us online.

To submit the following details, you will need to provide your own contact details, so we can communicate with you during this process. If you can provide us with an email address, we will be able to send you a response immediately. Otherwise, this will be posted out to you, which may take longer.

It is important to note that our customer records and systems will be updated by 6pm on the next working day; should you contact or visit us to discuss the deceased customer's estate within this period, our records may not have been fully updated.

1. Details of the deceased customer

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Bank details (if known)  


2. Your details

This is so we can contact you during this process
Please select whether the your address is in the UK or overseas  *
By providing an email address we will be able to contact you with the next steps, as well as our Bereavement Support Guide.

3. Details of their estate and personal representative(s)


Personal representative - the person who is legally responsible for dealing with the estate.

Next of Kin - Where no will exists, this is the closest related family member(s) of a person who has died. This is normally their husband, wife, civil partner or their child/children.

Executor -The person(s) named in a will who is responsible for making sure the wishes of the person who died are carried out.


On receipt of this notification of death, the information you provide will be used to administer the deceased customer's estate and used to contact you in relation to this.
Your information will be shared with other HSBC Group companies that the deceased party held products with. In accordance with data protection legislation, whether your information is processed in the UK or overseas. it will be protected by a strict code of secrecy and security which all members of the HSBC Group and their staff are subjected to. For more information, please see our Privacy Notice  opens in a new window.
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