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Lending Appeal Guidance
You are able to use this appeals process in the following circumstances:
  • We are not prevented from lending to you, for example for legal or regulatory reasons or due to economic or trade sanctions
  • Your existing lending is not already subject to formal demand or enforcement or legal proceedings
  • You have submitted a formal lending application
  • Your appeal relates to a lending application declined within the previous 30 days
  • Your annual group turnover is less than 25m
  • You requested lending facilities for a period of more than 45 days
Note: This form should not be used for enquiries or objections to the proposed costs of agreed lending (e.g. interest rates, fees and costs) or the standard terms and conditions HSBC attaches to such lending
Your Information

Information about you, your representatives and financial associates will be used as detailed in the Business Banking Terms & Conditions, available online or in branch. In addition, HSBC UK Bank plc will use such information to administer, review and contact you regarding your application and consider your lending appeal. We may use other members of the HSBC Group and/or third parties to provide services in relation to the declined lending appeals process on our behalf, which may involve the processing of such information, and we may pass the information to an independent external reviewer appointed to monitor our appeals process. Information will be protected by a strict code of secrecy and security which all members of the HSBC Group, their staff and third parties are subject to. By submitting this appeal you consent to the use of information in this manner.

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Please note: Invoice Finance (factoring and/or invoice discounting), Hire Purchase & Leasing are not lending products or lending arrangements in nature. However, reconsideration of our decisions in relation to these products is included in our appeals process because there are some similarities in the factors that are taken into account to determine if they will be provided to customers and the effect of a decline decision may, in some instances, have similar implications for a business' finances.

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