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Before proceeding, it is important that you read the Personal Banking Terms and Conditions and Charges   of 767KB opens in a new browser window(PDF), Key Information on the Fixed Rate Saver   of 406KB opens in a new browser window(PDF) and UK FSCS Information Sheet and Exclusions List   of 588KB opens in a new browser window (PDF) which apply to your Fixed Rate Saver. We recommend you print or download copies for your records.
  • If you have an existing Fixed Rate Saver which is maturing, you can use this form to reinvest your savings.

  • Please note rates are subject to change and may be lower than you have previously received, so if you do instruct us to reinvest before maturity, the actual rate you receive will be the rate applicable on the day of maturity, not the rate applicable on the date you submitted your instruction to reinvest.

  • If your deposit is under 50,000 you can withdraw all of the money and close the account early for a fee of 90 days' interest. Depending on when the withdrawal is made, you may get back less than you originally invested. If the deposit is over 50,000, you can't close your account or withdraw any money until the end of the deposit term.

  • If we receive your instructions after your account has matured, the rate you receive, will be the rate available on the day your instruction is received by us.

  • We'll write to you to confirm the interest rate and maturity date within two working days of the reinvestment.

First name
Date of Birth    
Fixed Rate Saver Sort code  
Account number
I would like to reinvest:
Total amount at maturity (including final interest payment)
Initial Deposit
Other Amount
Any additional funds will be debited from the account you nominated when you opened your Fixed Rate Saver
(only if more than maturing funds)
If your reinvestment is for 50,000 or more, early closure is not permitted
Please indicate the length of fixed period you require:
Interest Frequency: 
Your Fixed Rate Saver will be reinvested at the close of business on the day of maturity, or within 48 hours if this day has already passed.

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